Sunday, August 29, 2021

I Hope You Have Prepared

I had a vision of sorts back about 8 years ago.  It was of America in chaos, created and carried out by our own government, when suddenly something of natural origins occurred (I saw fires and crumbling structures— could have been anything, I don’t know), causing them (the Powers)to cascade out of control.  The results were absolute mayhem.  

Prepare as best you can, keep your loved ones close, if you can, and above all, draw nearer to Jesus.  God kept Israel safe in the floods, fed in the famines, and when all was dark there was still light in the land of Goshen.  He can keep us through the mad stumblings and bumbling of this world’s evil. 

He laughs at their feeble attempts.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Another Sign on the Road

I'm not some great expert, but I'm just putting in my 2 cents.

I know everyone is sick of politics.  I am, too.  However, I think this situation we find ourselves in has less to do with right/left politics, and Dem/GOP parties.  This is a good vs evil sort of an ideological battle.  If you are looking around you can see that the internal struggles are at the tipping point.  In the natural world of human beings, things are about to get ugly.  

As for me, I'm a believer in Jesus, I believe that we are in the last days.  We know what kind of mayhem is coming upon us at some point, no matter the political scenarios. We've seen this coming for a long time. So long, in fact, that some of us (I) got complacent.  I consider voting a duty to my country and the least (literally) that I can do to try to accomplish things I can never accomplish on my own.  Our part in this world is to do what we think is right and to do our best, and when we are at the end of our own abilities, to enable those who are in positions to make the changes we want to see made, happen.

I know these are just politicians, and that there are globalist overlords and evils unspeakable, all that, but if my teeny vote can spare one innocent life, help one unfortunate person, change one unjust law, even for just a short time, then I feel obligated to vote intelligently and faithfully.  That's just my personal convictions on the matter as it stands.

This election has been highly charged, probably, truth be told, since the outcome of the last one was known.  The further we went through this last four years, the wider the gap and the deeper the rift between the factions.  We know a lot of it was by design, and we can see what's happening to some degree, but the lines are clearly drawn.  

If President Trump wins with a squeaker, or if courts find in his favor, the left will explode with insane levels of rioting and brutality because he "stole" it.  If they win, they will think it's a mandate, and they will use the opportunity ALSO to riot in some twisted sort of celebration.  It won't stop with celebration.  They will use it as a mandate to march into communism.  They will think they do the country a favor to punish the rest of us "n@zis and fascists" who have "ruined their democracy"... yada, yada. Life will be intolerable for anyone who's not with them.  No matter how it ends up they will not be easy to live with.  

In all likelihood, Trump will win, probably in litigations all the way up to the Supreme Court.  It would be naive to think the left would somehow be satisfied, appeased or that they might change their ways in the four years leading up to the next election.  Things are not going to improve over the next four years and have us find them magically content to abide by our laws next time around.

My take on this particular election is this:  we have a few weeks to see how things go, but EITHER WAY I think we are only going to have a few months, and God willing, up to another 4 year window of time to get ready. I have to say, I will take every day and every year I can get, because we're never really ready enough are we?  But I think this is truly the BIG wake up call.  If you've been looking for a sign for when to pull the lever and go full bore into prep/survival mode, I think now we're seeing that sign.  I'm not a panic monger or a fearful person, and I'm not trying to spread more stress or anything like that-- I just see the writing on the wall.  We are far past my personal "red-line."  It's time to go now.  

If you aren't ready, it's time to up your game and go into 100% efforts.  Personally, for me, it's always been an "out there somewhere" thing that I felt the need to prepare for.  I took it seriously, but til now I never really felt the urgency or the certainty that it's truly right upon us. When I really started seeing it (and became aware that this reality is very, VERY close) I also realized I am not where I need to be in order to make it. 

At my house, this is not going to be treated as a drill, or an exercise.  I am older, and we have very little to work with, we were robbed of our meager savings a few years ago and will be starting over.  Time and resources are key for us, and we'll have to play our cards like masters, but I'm making the move before the end of the year to find a small piece of land, take my stash, and GET THERE.  The details will play out and the day to day struggles will test us, but the decision is made... late, but just skinny-ing in before the balloon goes up, I think.

*IF* this isn't *IT* then I think it's the cue to make the move and get established.  Could be that God wants to wake up a bunch more folks and He'll give us more time in His mercy.  I hope that's the case, but, like a good prepper, I'm going to be ready in case I was right in the first place.  

Anyway, heads up, friends.  Stay calm, and stay ready.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." -- Proverbs 3:5-6

Thursday, December 5, 2019

A Glimpse Into Our Future

I wrote this quite some time ago and thought I'd posted it.  Turns out it was in the drafts.  Better late than never, I guess.

I was reading the comments on a controversial article today. Actually, it wasn't controversial, or rather it shouldn't be, but the comments were easily ten times longer than the article and they were hostile and very highly charged.  What was the topic?  Someone had a display of posters set up at a public event, and someone else who disagreed with what they were trying to support came up and destroyed them, one at a time, deliberately and angrily; it was not an accident or a misunderstanding.  Clearly this was some sort of a criminal act.  Maybe it was not on the level of a burglary or a murder, but a crime none the less. Last I heard, destruction of private property was a crime.  Maybe it being "aggravated" or in a public place should factor in, I don't know.  She should have probably been ticketed or charged, and then fined and assigned some public service hours or something.


THIS person is a product of the public education system.  It's exactly the result they wanted.  He (she?) truly believes this and seriously thinks the rest of us are wrong and evil or even part of a cult.  He believes it because it's been force fed to him for 12 years with little or no parental or church input, or any other alternate input to show him any other thing contrary to what they've been taught in their classrooms.

THIS, the product of the public school, is where the end begins. Unfortunately it's been going on for a long time.  A generation has come up through this intensive indoctrination and they literally think like the writer of that comment.  They are literally unable to see the truth.  They fight against hearing the truth because it's contrary to everything they have read in their books and been told by their trusted teachers.

This person and the rest of his graduating class are the ones who will vote in the next election -- for socialism -- because it's normal to them.  They are the ones who will vote against Christianity, because Christianity has been represented to them as a cult. They are the ones who will be giving our gun rights away because they've been taught they are evil and private gun owners are dangerous.  Once they have the given up the gun rights all the rest of our rights will be gone.  We must step up and get involved with the schools in our districts.

Thankfully, it's not too late as long as we wake up now and stand up in the face of this corrupted government indoctrination system.  Be ready for some eye rolls, some opposition, some full on assaults.

Even if you homeschool, even if you have no kids, you are a taxpayer, therefore you can voice you opinions on what goes on in your district's schools.  Learn what they are doing.  Find out what they are producing in your local schools.  Search it out on the internet.  Ask around your community.  Arm yourself and be informed and get involved.  You can contact your representatives and senators.  It's easier now than it's ever been to voice your opinion with your state and federal representatives in congress.  You can attend meetings in your district.  You can do something.  If we all do something, just some little something small, we can turn the thing around.  We're going to have to do it soon, though, because it's going to take a lot of track to slow the momentum of this fast moving train before we can actually get it going in the right direction again.  We must act now.  We MUST.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Keep a Knife and Keep it SHARP.

If you aren't someone who normally carries a knife I suggest you start. You'll get used to having it with you and you'll be surprised how much you use it.

We could get into what type for what situation, etc... but for this post I'm just talking about a nice pocket knife or maybe even a multi tool of some kind. I'd call it "every day carry" gear, but, first, I hate the catchy phraseology used by niche groups, so I rarely use it except for quick references in blog posts like this, and second, it's more than just an every day carry piece of equipment. My EDC would be readily handy to me, like my purse, but my pocket knife is in my pocket. Are your car keys EDC? Is your wallet EDC? Technically maybe, but, no, not specifically. They are just always there. My pocket knife is just

Open packaging, remove tags, cut, divide, slice: I don't always use it many times a day, or even necessarily every day, but I do use it often, and when I need it, if I don't have it, its a drag.

Any knife is better than no knife. A better knife is-- well-- better, but don't let lack of finances stop you. You can pick up a five dollar knife at almost any outdoor or hardware store. Start there, then when you can manage it, get a better one. Getting the five dollar knife will help you learn what you want out of a knife before you spend more buying a better one.

Keep that sucker sharp. A dull knife is a frustration, a bad tool, and a danger. I will probable get "educated" by people about this, because people will say, "You are going to ruin your blade like that!" and explain how I SHOULD sharpen a knife, but get one of these small knife sharpeners (link below) or something similar for quick use.

I've had one just like the one it for close to 20 years. I paid 3 bucks for it at the grocery store. All these years later and they're still only four bucks. I recently ordered an extra for my "EDC" and my "B.O.B." They are cheap, light, easy to stow and easy to use. It has a course/carbide and a fine/ceramic side. I have my old one in my kitchen drawer and I use it all the time. I have had some pretty crummy knives do a fairly decent job for me just by keeping them sharp. I have acquired better knives over the years, and I still use it, probably daily.

I don't endorse many products, but I give this one my stamp of approval. Why? Because it works and because I use it. If it works but you won't (or can't) use it, then, in reality, it's it's not a good tool for you. I have other knife sharpening tools, but this one is the go-to, every day tool that I use. I think you would, too.

I suppose if you have a thousand dollar hand crafted pocket knife you might not want to do it this way, but, it's not likely you're using that as your every day knife. If you have something like that, learn to use a wet stone or an oil stone, use it on the nice knife, then go buy a pocket knife you can pick the rocks out of your shoe tread with for carrying in your pocket.

Carry on.

Amazon link to knife sharpener, or copy/paste:

Monday, February 25, 2019

Turning Point

OK, here's my 2.  It's a little long, but it's my summary of current events as I believe it could possibly shake out.  I hope I'm right.  Tell me what you think.

The Deep State is a festering boil on the butt of America, and it's just about to be popped, and they know it.  If you don't think they're scared, watch the news... any legacy news: interview, presser, anything.  Kill the sound.  Cover their mouths with your hand so you can only see their eyes.  Look at them.  They have the look of panic in their eyes.  It's obvious.

It's GOING to hit the news.  Sooner or later it's going to hit, and it's going to start going all the way up the ladder.  They know the people are starting to wake up, so they are resorting to crazier and more extreme measures to deflect attention off themselves and toward something-- anything else.  

Ginsburg is probably dead.  Sure, they don't want to give President Trump a chance to appoint another judge, but I think they're holding out for more reasons than just that.  They're buying time, hoping for the last ditch, Hail Mary, headlining Ginsburg "news" when they need it most.  They'll likely take her out of the freezer and roll out her corpse for a huge state burial that will dominate the legacy media outlets for days.  Never mind that when Justice Scallia was bumped off they just flushed the evidence and got him in the ground ASAP. 

They'll use Ginsburg just like they rolled out G.H.W. Bush during the Comey testimony, and like they did that crazy, run-on, Papal style memorial/burial of someone as non-impressive as John McCain.  Really?  He was a crappy guy, and a failure at most of what he did.  He was a corrupt senate lifer with a (very) shady military run, not a head of state.  Sheesh... what was it-- 5-6-7 days of that guy?  They didn't even go to that much effort for Bush and he a was at least a president! 

They needed a big distraction, the time OUT of the headlines.  And they'll do it again.  There are grave changes for them in the offing.  Watch what's going on behind the scenes.  Not just at the next false flag school shooting, emergency, disaster, justice's funeral: watch all of it.  If it is a dominant story, a day in and day out, sort of frenzied feeling story, it's probably a cover.

Also, I think they're running all these insane far left socialist candidates as a hopeful last hurrah because they know they'll never get another chance.  They sunk their own boat and they're bailing as fast as they can, but the damage is just to great.  They think to make hay while the sun shines... but they're too late.  Their sun ain't shinin'.  These stinkers are circling the drain.   

Now there's all this chatter about "soft coup" going around.  Do you honestly think that this kind of accusation can make it to an adversarial "news" media, that there can be headline discussion about a topic this dire, or that the senate can address it as a coup, and there's  Presidential acknowledgment, and nothing happen as a result?  Hardly.

There are new investigations underway, and once they begin federal investigations there is no end to them until they are  declared closed by the chief investigator.  There was a mountain of information gained during the Mueller investigations that can be used in these open investigations  The info is already known, gathered, documented.  They nailed all of it down tight because they wanted to be SURE all the I's were dotted and all the T's crossed when they nailed President Trump.  But, it didn't implicate President Trump, did it?  No, no.  It made an airtight case against the Deep State. 

The never-ending probes and investigations have illuminated the dirty deep state and their connections, and exonerated President Trump.  The exposure is opening new investigations, and the all evidence is sitting there.  They're making clumsy mistakes, now.  That's a sign that their lies and stories are unraveling and they can't keep them straight any more.  Although lots of the big turds have already been flushed via resignations and firings, that's just not the kind of the justice I was hoping to see.  I think we'll see many more flee, die, be "suicided", or fake their own deaths, etc... I actually believe we're going to see some of the big's get their just rewards, too.  I can't wait!  

The best part, for me, will be having the truth about these horrible people come out, dead or alive.  Oh, I want to see them tried, jailed, hanged or whatever, as the treasonous enemies they are, but just having the general population see with their own eyes that the big, bad "conspiracy theories" were true the whole time, will be wonderful.  Their heroes were monsters.  That may sound small and petty, but it's honest. Yes,  I'll be glad to see these ignorant people realize they were totally duped.   It'll be a big, fat, "WAKE UP!" slap in the face for those who stood and  pointed fingers at all the crazies and deplorables.  Willful ignorance tastes like crow, in the end, doesn't it comrades? 

It will be gratifying for us who have seen the lies, who endured their belligerence and smug confidence. It will be a real breath of fresh air.  It will be vindication for the ridiculed, de-platformed, and de-personed front-liners.  It can't come soon enough for me.

Oh, and on a side note, for what it's worth: the penalty for treason?  Hanging.  Remember the likes of Camilla Harris and Crazy Aunt Nan and a whole host of socialists who flooded social media because of the Jussie "Fake Noose" Smollet,  great friend of the Obama administration, debacle?   Before he was found out to be the lying, race baiting, small minded criminal he is, they proclaimed him victim!  They had to DO something!  So they hurriedly tried to pass "anti-lynching" laws.  What?  Lynching is already illegal, so what's up with that?  Maybe it's just the "hanging" part they are concerned about....?   Hmmm....  Curious.  Just sayin'.  Probably just a CONSPIRACY THEORY.

So, keep your head above the waterline... we're about to see the drain open.  It could go to stinkin'.

Friday, February 15, 2019

I Knew You In Your Mother's Womb

(photo credit)
2.2 lbs.  Happy to be alive.  25 weeks.  It is legal to brutally kill a baby like this in many states.  It is legal to brutally kill even older babies in some states.  There are monsters among us.

Sorry this isn't my most professionally written blog.  I'm not the greatest writer anyway, and this one is just sort of off the cuff.

EVERYONE should be forced to see an abortion happen, then only real monsters would still be in support of it, and the line would be clearly drawn. 

I know decent people who are so blinded, so hoodwinked, so indoctrinated by the "pro-*choice*" rhetoric that they will do and support truly monstrous things.  Being made aware of the barbarity, aware of the fact that these babies feel what is being done to them, would bring a sane human being to their knees.  They think they understand, they claim they know the truth, and blindly support the greatest evil of our time.  If they saw it, they would know.

If you are NOT fully aware, how can you claim to support something, anything, that is so controversial and potentially terrible?  You are hopelessly lazy if you can't be troubled to find readily available information and decide based on knowledge instead of propaganda.  Shame on you!

I choose the sanctity of life.  I choose to protect the most innocent of all victims.  I choose sanity.  I choose to be the enemy of those who are aware of what they do and choose to do it, or support it,  once they are aware.  They are monsters.

So very few abortions are actually performed for medical reasons.  My friend had a baby at 24 weeks back in 1999. The girl turned 20 in 2019.  That was TWENTY YEARS AGO.  Doctors have been performing surgeries on unborn babies for decades.  There was very recently a baby cut out of it's mother's womb for a surgery, then replaced back into the womb. Teeny-tiny, but otherwise it was fully and perfectly formed in every way.  The surgery was successful.  You KNOW they have technology and medical skills now that can save babies, and that they can go on to and live normal lives from much earlier stages of pregnancy.

There are SO FEW "health" reasons, for mother or baby, that require abortion as a solution. There are so many possible mistakes in diagnoses.  My youngest grandbaby was going to be in a medically fragile, compromised or dependent state at birth, and they suggested abortion. My poor son and daughter in law were nearly catatonic for the rest of the pregnancy after hearing this news. Lo! He was born healthy has a horse. No problems whatsoever.  They were DEAD WRONG, but they were willing to murder him in a torturous fashion because reasons. But, muh docters!  Muh science!

VERY few abortions are medically necessary.  They are almost all for the convenience of the mother.  She chooses abortion because she doesn't want it, doesn't want to be pregnant now, or because she'd be embarrassed by it or in trouble with someone because of it, doesn't want to make the necessary sacrifices, doesn't want to be responsible: because she IS SELFISH.  It all boils down to selfishness.

The opposite of love is not hate, as so many would say.  The opposite of love is selfishness.  The driving force of the day is selfishness, and babies-- innocent, tiny, dependent, beautiful babies-- are paying the price.

2 Timothy 3:1-4 - "But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God."

God IS love.  Selfishness is the opposite of God and Godliness.  Godless people do ungodly things.

If I can't stop them from this atrocity, which I WOULD, then they should at least face what it is that they do, confess it as the murder that it is, and do something a bit more humane, like lethal injection. The same people protest when convicted murderers are given lethal injections as a sentence for heinous crimes, but they'll (let someone else) rip a baby into bits or chemically dissolve it without a peep, and defend their right to do so. It's hellacious.

Draw the line.  Choose your side.  Stop making ridiculous arguments and covering your activities with medical terminology and clever excuses.  Just pick your side and get on it.

I will never abide a killer or his supporters.

Friday, December 21, 2018