Monday, December 10, 2012


I will get back to blogging about moving into our tiny house later this week.  I have a half dozen topics floating around in my head that I'd really like to share.  Actually, I started a post, but got sidetracked.  I've been preoccupied with family things and Christmas and whatnot ever since all those Thanksgiving posts I put up.   I think if I ever decide to do another round of  daily, "topical" post again I'll do it on a different blog site.  I wanted to keep this one focused on one topic.  Anyway, I'll get 'er on track later this week.

Meantime -- we have pecans!  It takes a long ol' time to shell out this many pecans!  Especially when you eat one, shell one, eat one, shell one.  I decided I'd only eat the broken ones as I went along.  That helped.  I'm going to try to get five or six or more containers this size shelled and filled before I'm done.  I should have had twenty or more, but we ate SO many!

For the record:  My future property, wherever we may journey, will have nut trees.  Having them has been great.  It's like getting a free and tasty little surprise with every trip to the back yard.   I get a perfectly packaged little bite of delicious, sweet nut with no more effort than to pick it up off of the ground and crack it.  It's almost like magic.   I love them!

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