Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Think I Will Try Something New

I've been a terrible blogger.  I read so many wonderful blogs that others write and I feel like I'm so far out of my depth that I just all but stopped blogging entirely.  So many people are actually doing things worth writing about, things I want to do, and plan to do.  That's all I'm doing -- planning -- and that mostly in sort of a nebulous, way out there, one of these days kind of a way.  I just felt like I had nothing to offer.

Personally, I don't like wasting my time sorting through or worse, realizing half way through that I am reading a crummy blog.  I had a few people who subscribed to my blog and I felt sorry that they were probably hoping for interesting or informative content and all they were getting is, well, my blog.  I used to like blogging, but it became a weight and a chore, eventually a source of stress.  My own advice to others has always been that when you're too busy or feeling pressured, start thinning out things you can afford to live without, things that wont make or break anything crucial if they are put on a back burner.  So I let my blog go.  Bad idea.

I'm a creative type.  I  like to dream and draw and paint and imagine new things.  I have a zillion and one equally bad reasons why I don't do any of that, most having to do with space or lack thereof.  I  think I decided to start blogging in the first place as sort of an outlet for my otherwise shelved creativity.  I need an outlet!  Blogging only takes up as much room as my  laptop. It's my very best short term choice.  I don't want to not blog.  I also don't want to be someone who just gets on and posts some boring narration of my daily activities.

Then it dawns on me.   A lot of the blogs I read and enjoy are talking about things they are doing, and things they love, that just happen to be things that I am going to be doing and that I love.  But I'm not doing them yet, so what am I doing that I love? I've been so head over heels in love with what I plan to do that I never even let it cross my mind that I could blog about something I am already doing.  Silly, I know, but it just didn't dawn on me.

So  I thought I'd try to sort of bend the direction of my blog to include my greatest passion, preaching the Word of God.  I'm a preacher, a  minister of the Gospel.  I am called to preach and I'll preach all of my days. I planned on having a ministry website at some point, but I never considered putting it together with something I already had established.  I'm not sure how well thing will mesh, and I'll continue posting bits of other things as well, but why not include my ministry?

I have loads of things to write about all  of a sudden!  I have passion for it!  It will be not only a therapeutic outlet for my pent up creativity, but also a time for me to 'preach' when I'm not preaching.   Even if it's not a great 'read' for my subscribers, once again I'll be having a good ol' time!  I hope it rubs off.

I found the instructions on how to add audio to my page, so I will start posting my sermons as soon as I can figure it all out.  I preach several times a month, not every week, but usually two to four times, so I can start incorporating it all slowly as I learn.  I hope my vast audience will stick with me as I blaze this new trail.  I'm kind of excited about it!

Be blessed!


Loretta said...

I think things will mesh perfectly!!! I think readers like to get to know "all"" of a person ... and preaching, praying ... well, that's who you are!!! You're a "Prayin' Pioneer", my friend!!!

Gina said...

Awesome! I will be praying for you in this Rhenda!

God bless you!