Thursday, March 3, 2011

Justice for Westboro Baptist Church?

Well, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas.  Am I surprised?  Yes and no.

I expected the Supremes to make an example of the "Christians" and use it as another stepping stone to take rights and freedoms away from churches.  That seems to be the way things have been going.  From Jerry Springer to the hallowed halls of Congress, it is generally these 'shining examples' of Christianity that they tend to showcase in order to further their argument, so, yes, I am surprised.

On the other hand, no, I am not surprised.  Our country's most hand's off, taboo, tickedy-boo subject is free speech.  I have, however, seen them deny free speech to groups before, and if they were inclined to do it again I would have thought it would be a (so-called) Christian group, but in this instance their anti-war/anti-American  leanings are just what the powers-that-be are looking for.  I'm not surprised at this decision because of these two factors.

Am I personally happy about it their decision?  Yes.

First, I'd like to say I am not an anarchist, but at this point I would almost campaign for an anarchist-in-charge (now there's an oxymoron for you!) knowing that things would never get that far, just to see things halt in their tracks and turn completely around for awhile.  Think of it as you would an out of control car careening off of a freeway; jerking the wheel a little too hard could possibly be overcompensating, but it is almost the only thing you have left to do.  It could help, it could fail, but the way we are headed now is certainly wreckage anyway.  

I think the courts, the government, the powers that be, whatever we want to call them, already have their noses in far too many things.  I would be delighted if this hadn't gone to the Supreme Court at all, and if nothing ever did.... because in truth, I know that wont happen, but if that were the understood goal, maybe the number of cases brought before the courts would at least be reduced. Maybe then the number of ridiculous rulings and case laws would be reduced.  Maybe then some of the remaining freedoms we enjoy wouldn't go up on the chopping block under the guise of protecting some one else's rights, or what ever they bring it before the court system masquerading as.  

If the courts hadn't legislated all the free out of freedom, the families of the fallen could defend their own rights and would be justified in doing so.  

As for this specific case, in a more perfect world these invaders would be beaten (more) senseless by the families of the fallen, right there graveside, the first time they did something that hateful, heartless and utterly ridiculous.  It probably wouldn't happen many times before they would just give up their nasty little campaign.  Case closed.  Unfortunately, this is not 'that' world.  

In a real world with intelligent people running the show they should have been locked up and the key thrown away.  This is not that world, either.  In our litigious society full of backward, corrupt,  politicians who would rather win the game than be on the side of right, I am glad they opted for free speech.  It's the least they could do, and a right decision if a decision actually had to be made.  It should never have gone this far.  

Now, if they will rule that it's lawful for the families of the fallen to kick the dog snot out of the turds that are protesting, it will be right for the rest of us, too.


Loretta said...

You know how I feel about this (GMTA) so I won't comment about that. I will say though that as usual, you have a GREAT blog entry!!!

Representative said...

Aw! Rizzo! My #1 fan and #1 reader. May be my ONLY fan and my ONLY reader, but I appreciate ya either way, my friend!