Monday, April 11, 2011

Ask Me One More Time, Somebody

Quick blog, not a lot of background, just jumping into the middle of the puddle right at the start.....

Rob Bell.
Bad man.  

There I said it. It's my opinion and it's my blog and I can do that.

People call this guy misled, or say he doesn't know what he's talking about.  I think he DOES know what he's talking about; misconstruing and confusing Truth while disguised as an angel of light is what the devil has always done, since his days in the Garden.  This guy's a charismatic leader in a modern movement of great deception.  (End times... hello?)  The only hope of escaping such great deception is also still the same as it was in the Garden -- KNOW the Truth. The Truth will set you free.  The sheep will hear their Shepherd's voice.

God is not the author of confusion and this guy fosters and espouses confusion.  This isn't the first I've listened to him. Using a very black and white Bible, he picks and chooses and zigs and zags in and out of truth as if the line were invisible to him.  He bobs and weaves like Mohamed Ali; floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.  If he were trying TO be understood I might be inclined to at least give him further hearing, but I think he's being cryptic on purpose, and I think he's sinister.  If you aren't leading people to Christ, you are leading them away.

No, I'm not 'ooogy-boo' or whatever, I just know my Bible and this guy isn't stacking up.

In such a volatile and uncertain time as we are living, in a time where there are no moral absolutes (and it IS infecting the church!) we had better be rooted, grounded, established and firm in His Word.  Now is not the time for a watered down, "more palatable" Gospel.  This is the day and hour for a clear and unwavering standard.

This whole 'emergent church' thing appeals to those who are looking for excuses, not answers, and acceptance without change.  That makes me sick, right there.  Excuses are the bane of success, growth, progress and victory.  It is lazy, self defeating and ungodly to indulge in excusing oneself.  I hate excuses.

Anyway, I was talking about Rob Bell, right?

I don't think the guy's sphere of influence is limited to any particular group, however, I've noticed a lot of the younger crowd showing interest in him, particularly the 'hipster' set.  This is just my personal experience here in my little corner of the world.  In my own church, some of the folks in the worship team are curious.  Thankfully I think our particular church is taught and tended well.

Unfortunately, through social media like Facebook, I have also seen some leaders, even pastors, quoting this guy.  "Well, it's just a decent quote.  I've quoted heads of state, Ghandi, John Wayne, Spongebob, it doesn't mean I espouse everything they say!  It's just an angle!"  Number one, Spongebob never claimed to be Christian as Rob Bell does, and there's no mixed message there.  Number two, be careful what you're baiting your hook with before you set it, fellers, you might not like the end results.  

Facebook is a 'country' or a 'realm' of it's own and there are leaders in it's communities.  Pastors and teachers have more to answer for than just themselves no matter whether they are at home, or abroad in Facebookia.  As leaders, we are 'feeders'.  Folks need to be fed something rib-stickin' before they get used to garbage and head on back out to the dumpster for more of what they are cutting their first teeth on.  Start them right and they won't be satisfied with anything less.  

"Oh, I'm not feeding them, it's just banter, exchange!  It's only Facebook. Lighten up!"  Well, if you are their 'feeder' and you are throwing it out there, what do you think they are doing?  They are eating it!  Feeding the flock on all the cutesy bellywash that floats to the surface on the internet won't satisfy them long.  

Pastor, teachers, Christians:  the line is clear.  Why do you want to see how close to it you can live and play?  Pick a side and jump in!  All the way in!  

Ah, ramble, rant.,,  LOL


Loretta said...

Wooooooo .... are you ready? You know what I'm going to say :)~~~

There are so many "leaders" in the church that are twisting the message. I won't refer to it as the Truth .. because even though that's what it should be ... coming out of their mouths, it's not.
Wolf in sheep's clothing!!!

Representative said...

LOL!! Of course! :)~~~

These are the days where we better know which side we're on. We're fixing to be asked to make an account of ourselves and I'm on Jesus' side!