Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sharing a Wonderful Blog

This is quite possibly my favorite blog.  I want to share it with my readers just to bless you, and also to spread the word that if you aren't reading this guy's blog, you are really missing out!!!  WONDERFUL, wonderful blog.  

Agrarian Nation - Respect For The Past. Wisdom For The Present. Hope For The Future.

This  particular article was one I would like to draw your attention to.  I feel bad because the entire blog is so wonderful I feel like I'm slighting one entry in favor of another, and I don't mean to do that.  I just LOVED this one when I was reading it and I believe you will, too.

I will be back to blog soon.  I have been consumed with moving and setting up our new home/place/life, but it's coming along nicely, and I should have thing back to normal soon.  See you soon.  Be blessed!

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