Tuesday, February 14, 2012

T minus.......

Life is good and gettin' gooder!  I haven't had (or rather haven't taken) time to blog for a while.  Things change slowly in real life.  I hate to just get on and babble when I don't have anything impressive to report.  I've read those kinds of blogs, and I tend to delete them before I get very far in.  Sometimes, however, little things accumulate into something truly momentous!  Sometimes I just love my life so much that I want to say something.

We paid the last of our credit cards off this week.  We are not totally debt free, but the remaining debt is so minimal that we consider ourselves having arrived!  There have been a few notable occasions when the reality of our imminent freedom hit us in the face, and for me, this is one of them.

In this earthly life, debt free IS free.  I am trying to let this all soak in and to absorb it, but I'm plumb giddy at this point.  We are within rock throwing distance now of pulling up stakes and moving.  It's been a long process, and now at long last, we have moved the operation to the launching pad, and the countdown has begun.  The excitement of seeing our plans coming to pass after so long of a time in the dreaming and planning stages is almost more than I can wrap my head around.

My husband is going to be taking a little time off of his job to do the repairs on our trailer in the next few weeks. By then I will have our truck in roadworthy condition with new tires on it, oil change, tune up and what not.  Our tax refund, whatever it is, is going into the gasoline/travel/moving fund.  Once that is done it is a matter of making sure we add enough money to that fund before we go, and then... WE GO!

Sure, the particulars have to be established and lined up, but being at the point where I'm actually seeing to those things is so exciting!  I'm getting rushes of anticipation and excitement, like a little kid at Christmas!  It's real!  It's almost here!

So many people don't understand why we're leaving.  They don't understand why we want what we want.  So many people are concerned that we are striking out into an uncertain future.   My answer to them has always been the same, "what makes you think that because you remain steadily on the course you have chosen that your future is any more certain than ours?"  No one's future is certain, ever, AT ALL, but we believe that in doing what we are doing we are going to be more prepared for those uncertainties than we ever have.

Why is that what we have chosen is even thought to be up for debate?  Above all else, it's what we want! I don't recall asking anyone's opinion, but if I had, why are they so freaked out?  If I had chosen enormous debt to go to college and gamble that what I chose to study might actually prove to be a good choice in the nebulous future, I'd have gotten all the congratulations and the party and the grand send off.  If I had signed a 40 year (or more) mortgage on a home in a third of an acre in town I would have heard all the "Ooooh's"  and "Aaaah's".  I wonder why "self-sustained" is so scary and such an offense to so many.  I wonder why "preparing" is viewed as a bit, if not a lot, crazy.  That seems a little backwards to me.  I pray that we are as successful at what we do as they are fearful for us for doing it.  I pray that we make as good of progress down our chosen road as they they think we have gone toward madness.

Either way, I pray they keep  it to themselves at this exciting time.  I want to savor every moment!


Retta said...

Woooooooo, I am so excited for you!!! You know I love your blog & like every post but really .. this is my absolute FAVORITE one!!! I know what you mean about people giving their opinions & naysay's & such. It drives me crazy. I don't expect to tell them how to live so I expect them to show the same respect! I know this lifestyle isn't for everyone ... but it doesn't matter if I'm doing something someone agrees with or says they couldn't do. They should be happy that I am doing what I have dreamed of for years!!!
How 'bout we have a party when ya get here?!?!?!
Soon ... YESSSSS!

Representative said...

Yes! A party on that end! I'm in!!

I knew you'd be happy and excited. You know I love ya, Loretta!! I can barely stand the wait now.