Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mr. President?

"I felt he acted superior.  I felt he was awkward.  I felt he was personable.  I felt he was engaging, personal, passionate, argumentative, disorganized, sincere, combative, friendly, in charge, composed, disinterested"..... blah, blah, blah... ad nauseum.  And why does how we "feel" someone might "seem to be" make any difference in who we choose for president of the United States?  

Oh, oh, I get ya, I get ya... a sense of someone, character and whatnot, but that's not what these people are saying.  They are saying they are planning to vote for someone based on something they can not know, and base that simply on how they "feel" about them.  For crying out loud!  What has happened?

All of  the commentaries I read about the presidential debate talked about how the candidates made people feel.  I am shocked.  Seriously, I am.  I read so many reports, and so few people said anything substantive.  There was very little said about what either candidate actually had to say about issues, whether they believe them or had ever checked on any issues themselves, whether they had any inkling of an idea about where they stood on anything, what was in their voting record or even knew anything about them at all.  This is sad.

What about this: I didn't hear anything that convinced me they are worthy of the office.  I still don't know what they stand for on issue "X".  I know his voting record on issue "Y" and I don't see him voting any differently in the future.  He has been soft on issue "A" and I think the other guy would be tougher on that issue.  That's vague enough, but at least it shows a little bit of depth of thought.  Not just, "I like him," or "he scares me."

"He sucks!"  Our national collective intellect has sunk to "He sucks!"

Next in line to that?  Pet issues.  Some of the people interviewed wouldn't care if they had disemboweled an animal at a satanic sacrifice just prior to the debate as long as they say they will vote in favor of their favorite pet issue.  Let the national economy fall into ruin, let terrorists commit acts of war on our ambassadors overseas, let allied nations flail alone under enemy threat and oppression, but don't let them cut spending on issue "X" or try to control the internet!

It's all about "me".

God, help us.   We must turn back to You.  Help us fall on our knees and seek wisdom.  Open the eyes of our understanding.  Forgive us.  Spare us.

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