Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pick Your Battles

Heritage Middle School in Meridian, Idaho was put into full lock-down mode this week when authorities received a report of an armed suspect in the school.  What, pray tell, was he armed with?  A shovel.  A SHOVEL!   It was a small, folding, military shovel to be precise.  
They asked "the suspect" about it later, and I understand it turned out to be a prop for a school play.  Wow.  Why didn't they just ask him in the first place?  Read on.

On February 5, three schools in Yuma, Arizona were placed on lockdown as the result of what was later described as a “rumor” of a gun on campus. The kids were held in "protective custody" for something like three, some say over four hours by guys in full combat attire.  That's a long time to a kid.  That would be rather traumatic for them, I'd imagine.  Police searched the school and did not find any gun or any suspects.There were no reports of any shots fired or any injuries.  False alarm.  Oopsie!  Read on.

When all the smoke cleared there were no clear answers and just a lot of diversionary dialogue, but notice: the response teams were many, varied, the reports boasted that they were very practiced, they were on the scene in an instant, they were from several different agencies, and none of the parents had a problem with any of this according to reports.  The only problems the media reported that the parents had were with the waiting and not knowing.  

Now, add to this the multitude of stories recently about children as little as pre-school age being ridiculed, punished, suspended, even arrested and charged with crimes for having toy guns, for drawing guns on paper, for having a piece of paper torn into the shape of a gun, for having computer wallpaper with a gun on it, for point a stick like you might point a gun, even for TALKING ABOUT guns. Hearing of school board members, teachers, administrators, even principals losing their jobs for their opposing political viewpoints concerning guns is almost as common. Keep this stuff in mind as you read on.

So, what do I think is next?  Get ready, homeschoolers.  Gird up your loins. Watch homeschooling families suddenly being targeted by the media. Watch for it and remember I said it was coming. They'll ramp up their efforts against us soon because they can't curb a resistance, they can't control everyone, if they aren't all contained in their indoctrination centers.

There will be "example families" in the media who kept their kids home only to "abuse" or "neglect" them. They will skim over even the most horrendous of child abuse cases in the big media if it concerns minority families, urban families, families from "preferred religions, or families whose children attend public school, but the most minor details about children from homeschools will be scrutinized and scandalized, and presented by them as abuse and endangerment, and they will be prosecuted with great ferocity.  They will say they didn't "properly educate" them or perhaps not at all. There will be movies where the homeschool parents are the bad guys and the homeschool kids are weird or ignorant: haters, racists, backwater rednecks, hostile, crazy religious zealots. There will be TV shows that villainize homeschool families. Watch for it.

Why the big deal about the public school system in the face of everything else that's going on, you might wonder?  Of course I see the problems we are having with the socialization of America.  I see our economy circling the drain.  I am aware of foreign debt and disastrous social ills. I know all about how we're losing gun rights and I see the assault on freedom of speech.  I realize the government is whittling away at our liberty, and I could write pages about that, but I tell you, if we don't stop the school system we are done.  They are molding our children into parts of the collective and all those other issues won't matter in ten, or maybe even five years.

No one asked the Idaho suspect anything, suspects weren't even found in the Yuma case.  No one ever turned turned up weapons.  In both instances someone thought they might have seen someone, possibly with a weapon. The immediate response was with the most extreme possible measures being taken first.  You might say that's great!  That’s extra precaution for our kiddies.  I say it's a brazen excuse to make a militarized presence felt among our youngest, most impressionable and malleable little minds and get them comfortable with it.  Vladimir Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”  He also said, “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever."   This process has not only begun here in the good ol’ US of A, it’s almost come to fruition.

I'd rather my kids be uneducated than go to a public "school." I would end the public school racket in a heartbeat if it were up to me.  It's a bloated, liberal bureaucracy on the surface, which was bad enough when I thought that's all it was.  Now we can see it is a subversive tool in the hands of an increasingly oppressive government.  They are training our children to be good little citizens.  They are training our children to turn on us. 

Mark 13:12 and Matthew 10:21 in part, say that in the last days children will turn their parents over to be put to death death.  I often wondered in my reading of these passages what could put a wedge between parents and children to such a degree as to cause them to turn one another over to be killed.  Only someone brainwashed, indoctrinated to a high degree of loyalty, would do such a heinous thing.  It's not so hard to imagine now.

Can we stop them?  I don't know.  Pray, friends.  God knows, He cares, and he will keep us through the dark times.

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