Thursday, May 15, 2014


ren·e·gade  (rĕn′ĭ-gād′)
1. One who rejects a religion, cause, allegiance, or group for another; a deserter.
2. An outlaw; a rebel.
Of, relating to, or resembling a renegade; traitorous.

rogue government

1. A government that conducts its policy in a dangerously unpredictable way, disregarding law or diplomacy.

*I usually try to be careful for my spelling and grammar, but this is a rant, written quickly, just because I got started.  If you are a critic, an armchair editor, or if you just don't want to know what my rant is about, please, come back for a different post.  :)

Have you not noticed America lately?  She's not the familiar "Land that we love," anymore, is she?

Police are taught that they are under siege and everyone is a potential threat. They are trained in crowd and riot control, that anyone and everyone is a potential threat.   They are no longer taught to serve and protect the people, but to suspect and surveil.  The fact that they are acquiring battlefield type equipment reinforces in their own minds that it's an "us against them" type situation which lends itself to aggression against those they should be protecting. THEY believe they are RIGHT.  They are taught and trained to believe it, and that makes it all the more alarming and ominous.

Federal agencies with no reason to fear any kind of violence are now armed to the teeth, all while they are doing their dead level best to take our arms from us.  How difficult is this to see, people?

IRS?  What could go wrong there?  (Separate rant.)

How about the USDA going all paramilitary?  Why, oh, why would they need submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W with "Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsible or folding, magazine - 30 rd," to enforce agricultural regulations?  That's what they've put in orders for.  Maybe it's just in case one of those late night Amish milk raids goes bad.  Somehow my mind goes back to Obama's appointment of a "Food Czar...."  Funny, those same police I talked about have some of their riot training scenarios centered around desperate people rioting at food distribution areas.  What could that mean?  Oh, nothing.  Don't read too much into that.  You'll sound like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists.

The EPA and radical environmentalism have eroded personal property rights to the point that the idea of actually owning personal property is all in your head.  It's gone far beyond just eminent domain.  With all the wetlands laws, and indigenous species protection acts, woodlands preservation agreements...all the tip of the iceberg.  People are having their homes taken from them by federal land agencies because they are on or too near public or federal lands, and the feds require it to be confiscated for use as a traffic thoroughfares or parking areas or easements-- things that were never disclosed if they were known or even existent during contractual arrangements by the, ehm --"owners."

All this ties in to the Patriot Act very neatly.  They have intruded on any personal privacy you may have thought you had.  If you are found crosswise of any of their multitude of ever changing laws, you can wind up with everything you have, self and family included, in the hands of the government to do with as they will. They have extended the reach of their intelligence gathering organizations to the degree that you can be watched and listened to in the privacy of your own home without a warrant or even reasonable suspicion and any intel gathered can be used to secure your property and send you to the hoosegow-- all in the name of domestic security.

Oh, "domestic security"  - the DHS is a group of paramilitary, jack-booted thugs with local, state and national authority to kick your butt on a whim.  If you disagree with the government approved, mainstream train of thought, you may be eligible for a long stint in the custody of the feds, with or without clear charges or a trial by a group of your peers.  Don't think a good lawyer (as if any of the regular citizens could afford one) can help you.  IF you have one, they have better ones.   If you get a good one they'll change the laws or the charges.  No, being right doesn't matter in this new America. This is the America of the executive order.  This is the Post Constitutional America.

Who is supposed to hold these storm troopers in check?  The national media, that's who.  Our wonderful "free press" is supposed to do that for us, the people, the citizen taxpayers.  However, as in Hitler's Germany, our own propagandists misrepresent all these overreaching government agencies and their heinous plans, as "progressive" and necessary changes for the good of the nation and the people.  I struggle with the realization that there are so many ignorant people out there that believe them.  Obviously they do, but I can't comprehend it.  This is only the surface turbulence of a very deep, deep sea.  I am a chubby, middle aged housewife and I can see this at a cursory glance.  Why can't other people?

This is my rant, while I can still make it.  WHEN will Americans rise?  When will this insane spinning stop?

It won't.  Not unless people MAKE it stop.  That may make us domestic terrorists in the eyes of the powers that be, but I have news for you if that scares you: they'll fit you into one of their little categories before it's over with any way.  They're busy making laws that make all law abiding citizens into criminals.  One way or another they can find a reason, if they decide they need one, to arrest you if they find you a problem or an inconvenience.  Why wait until one fits your situation?  Why not start the battle while there's still a fighting chance?

I never knew where or how to start!  I'm far from influential and I have no outstanding skills.  I am useless and helpless in such a huge land of turmoil.  How can I do anything?

It begins with fearless communication; simple talk.  DON'T remain quiet and accepting.  DON'T assume you are alone in thinking these things are scary and wrong.  DON'T be frightened into submission by what appears to be "mainstream" thinking simply because the media sources all say the same thing.  They are lying to you.  DON'T BUY IT.  TALK!  Talk to your neighbors and friends.  Know them.  Associate with them.  On some level, make this a topic of conversation among people wherever you go.  You will be surprised to find that almost everyone, someplace in their life and in their mind, is sick of the government's overreach and afraid of the possible outcome.  It touches us all somewhere, but we're being conditioned NOT TO TALK ABOUT IT, so -- TALK!  It's where we start.

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