Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day Trip Up the Mountain

(yeah, so I just used this song... it's a good one and it fits!)

We took a little day trip with the family that we have visiting from out of town. We thought we'd take them to do something we always enjoy, visit the Hualapai Mountains. We always like to have the opportunity to show off our little "secret" treasure. It's yet relatively undiscovered by the Phoenicians, and therefore still relatively unspoiled and uncrowded, still quite nice and quaint. It's a great view up there, and usually the elk and the deer hang out just outside the windows, grazing on bales of hay left for them by the management at the lodge. Not too many showed up today, but the view is well worth the trip.

The visiting family is up from Phoenix, and this time of year there's a lot of snow on, so they were very excited to be able to play around in it! Maybe they were not so excited once they discovered they were stuck in the parking lot! We had to rock and push them out, but we managed. It was well worth the effort just to get to go up there. Everyone loves it there. It's one of my all time favorite places to go. We go camping there fairly often in warmer weather. Even being shiver-me-timbers cold outside it was crossing my mind how nice it would be to start a campfire and big iron pot full of stew. Then again, it will probably be around zero there overnight tonight. Maybe I'll just postpone that little dream till warmer days.

Well, the family is still here so I guess I should go be a little more sociable. I just wanted to share a few pics real quick. (Check out my photo album.) Be blessed!

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