Friday, November 20, 2009

Fine! I'll Do It!

I have a very dear friend who is constantly challenging herself. She knows she is capable of more than she is doing, so she is constantly expanding her horizons and doing new things. She really is an inspiration to me, because when I look at her and her attitude, her lifestyle, all of a sudden I know I really don't have any excuses for procrastinating. She's a wife and a mother of a whole passel of young 'uns, a housekeeper, gardener, teacher, singer/songwriter, blogger, drummer, chief cook and bottle washer, with her fingers in a few other pies, and does all that and then some while contending with several severe health issues.

In the light of all of that, how can I look at my life and make excuses for not following through on little things that she and I have talked about because I've had a long day, or I'm in a bad mood or some such thing. I can't. I've tried. I have ignored her for weeks on end sometimes, but she's just so darn pushy, and level headed and inspiring like that! I need that kind of inspiration sometimes when life is too busy, or boring, or disorganized.

One of those things we frequently talk about is blogging. Not a big thing. I was trying to develop a habit of blogging, just to practice and hopefully improve at writing. It's not as though anyone is sitting on the edge of their seat awaiting my next post, or like my life is so exciting that I need to record it for future generations, at least not at this point, but it was something that I enjoyed doing. You never know, maybe something I write will benefit someone down the road, even if it's only me.

But, I have gotten so lazy about blogging. I had to adjust my schedule some time back, and I just lost my rhythm, I guess. I never got back into it or made a place for it in my life like I intended to. It's an easy thing to fall away from something and make excuses to put it off a little longer. So she challenged me to start again. Of course she took up that challenge herself, and decided to post one blog every day for thirty days. Well, I'm going to take up your challenge, Loretta. One entry every day for thirty days. I don't feel ready for this, but I probably wont until I get started, so I am just going to jump in. No rhyme or reason, no theme or flow in the works, just daily entries. I may bore my friends to pieces, but I'm just going to do it anyway.

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Retta said...

Hmmm ... you make me sound so busy LOL I do have many irons in the fire ... but I also delegate stuff ... whhhhttttcccchhhh (sound of whip cracking) LOL
Thank you for blessing me so much with this post. I'll continue to be pushy (you can't ignore me forever LOL)... contrary to what you think, there is probably many, waiting on the edge of their seats for your next post. I know ... I'm one of them :)
You're witty, inspiring ... and well ... much more than that ... but most important to me ... is ... my best friend :)
I can't wait to read your blog again!!! I'm glad you're back!!!