Saturday, November 21, 2009

Forgetful Day

I almost forgot I was blogging again! I make a fresh commitment, and almost blow it within the first twenty four hours.

It sort of fits into everything else I've done in the past few days. I have forgotten a lot of things. It seems like about half of what I've started this week I left unfinished. I'd be doing something, get sidetracked and start something else, and totally forget to come back and finish what I was doing initially. I've been busy all week, but I can't really pin point any one thing I've done.

I forgot to wish an old friend a happy birthday. Perhaps I shouldn't say 'old' and 'birthday' to my friend all in one sentence, especially since we're the same age. After many years, I re-established contact with her on Facebook. Facebook actually is good for something, it would seem. She is a dear friend from high school and I knew her birthday was coming up soon. I've thought of her every year on her birthday for over thirty years, and I was determined to wish her a happy one now that I could! Slick forgot.

I forgot to turn the fire off under my iron pan and smoked the house up. I forgot to pay two bills. I forgot to take some ingredients for a holiday dinner to the church where I was preparing it. I forgot and actually left the water running in the kitchen for about five minutes. I forgot where I laid nearly everything I picked up. I forgot to record a TV show I like. i forgot my sunglasses... on my head. I forgot to buy coffee. COFFEE!!! I don't forget coffee!

So this is the week I committed to post a blog a day. Maybe the fact that I actually remembered before the day was out means that I've broken the forgetful streak and can move on. New commitments require some discipline, and retraining your mind is a part of it. It could be the hardest part, I think. I'm good at follow through once my mind is made up, though, so onward with the training.


Retta said...

I am .... wait .... I want to comment ... but I forgot what I want to say J/K LOL :P

What is it with the forgetfulness lately?! Must be in the air ... remember (HA, no pun intended), I've been forgetting a lot lately too. Maybe it's contagious?
I"m proud of ya!!! You're blogging again YAYYYY!!!

Paladin said...

Sorta makes me feel bad...