Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Quick Follow-Up on My Last Post

Well, I imagine the people who are from here can tell that I'm not.  I have been standing around out in the rain all day.  I suppose I still think if I don't go out in it I'll miss it entirely, so I try to enjoy it while I can, like a good desert dweller would.  It has been raining for hours now, and I, well, I've been outside standing in it..... for hours.  lol  Maybe I'll adjust.  Then again, maybe I just like the rain.

I said I'd post a few pictures, so I'm going to.  I didn't get a decent enough one of the pecan grove, so I'll wait until I do to post that.  I will take better ones later on.  My phone doesn't take the best pictures in the world, so use your imagination.  :)

This is the front yard.  I can't identify all the trees out there yet, but there are some elm trees in the mix.   There are some beautiful vines going up the trunks of some of them.  There are reportedly some copperheads in this little stand, so I'm going to wait to venture in until I have a taller pair of shoes.  :)

It's pretty hard to tell in this picture, but it's raining... HARD!

This is the Azle water tower just beside the Wal-Mart.  There was a storm coming in.  :)

This next one is looking down the driveway from my house.  There's actually another house over there, but the trees are so dense you can barely tell.  

This is the Texas State Flag.  It's a lot bigger than it looks in this picture.  I'm telling you, there's a Texas flag or a Texas Star on purt'near everything in Texas!  Houses, stores, roofs, benches, tree trunks, public property, private property, easy to see, hard to spot.... everywhere!

I can't get a picture of how this place smells or I'd share it with you.  It's remarkable!  For a while I thought someone nearby was doing laundry every morning and had some wonderful brand of dryer sheet in their dryer.   Eventually I figured out it just smells like that around here.  The rain smells good here, too, like I remember from when I was a kid. It's all loam-y and earth-y and rich.  Today, because of the rain, it's been cool enough most of the day that I could have the windows open, and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to smell this beautiful smell all over my whole world.  I think the worst part of the year here is over.  I certainly hope that's true.  Either way, fall will be knocking on the door soon, and I'm really looking forward to the season where I can have my house opened more often.

That's it today, no music, no fanfare.  I have to head into town for a bit and then cook and study and whatnot, so I'm out.  See you soon.  

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