Friday, September 14, 2012

The Next Step

I'm going to be starting a few different blogs that will be designated for specific purposes.  This one will probably remain my everyday, catch all, whatever I'm thinking or doing blog.  I'm continuing this one for two reasons.  One, I've had it the longest.  For all my spontaneity and creativity, I can be a creature of habit in some of the more mundane things.  It helps me sometimes to not have to make any new decisions about things that seem to me like they should remain in the background.  There's nothing wrong with Blogger so I'll maintain it and go along as I always have.

Number two, I ramble here.  There's no form or method to the madness, so I'll stay here for freedom's sake.  It's a place to say what I've had on my mind or in my heart.  It's really got no structure to speak of, there are no deadlines, time or subject limits and no real purpose other than to attempt to improve my writing and readability.  I'm not the judge of that, but my husband likes my writing and two of my friends do, too.  I'll never be satisfied, so I'll keep practicing and improving, but I'll go along with their opinions on the matter.

I'm trying to make one blog into an artsy/write-y/creativity blog over on tumblr.  Tumblr feels a little bit juvenile to me.  It could be an unfortunate misconception that I can't shake because many search results that lead me to Tumblr pages turn out to be teens with teen interests as their primary content.  Music, fashion, maybe a little nerd stuff and a lot of whiny, touchy-feely-ness seems to be the popular fare.  Not all, but a lot of them are that way.  A quick, casual stroll through the few that are presented to me on my home page for a sampling showed me I could be right about that assessment.   My apologies to those Tumblr users who are, in fact, serious.  I know you're out there!  The ones I have seen so far that think are more serious tend to be art/creativity related.  Writers, artists, craftsmen and the like seem to have found a home there, so I decided I could probably fit in if I go that route.

I'm also going to make a ministry page. That's always been my primary goal, but I've done very little to make it happen. I didn't want to start a blog about something I take so seriously until I had a good and a clear idea about what to do with it, how to use it, how to present it well and with excellence, and certainly how to write passably well enough not to sound like an idiot.  There are enough Christians out there, sadly, who sound like idiots.  I don't think there are any more needed in that area.  I'm not a great writer, but I'm not awful anymore either, so I decided to get started.  If I don't, it'll never happen.

I'm looking for a good blog site that will let me upload my audio sermons.  I have, stored on my computer, some of the audios from the past few years when I was at Foursquare.  I don't have a lot, but it's enough to get me started.  Right now I don't preach any place regularly, so I'm just planning to upload my older stuff, one every week maybe, and then write some blog entries in between.  By the time I get that accomplished I expect I'll have new ones and maybe I will have learned enough by then to create a podcast.  Who knows?  Preachers gotta preach, you know?  I am GOING to be getting content one way or another.  I write sermons, I just need to preach 'em.  Meanwhile I can use the outlines as starting places for blog entries and I can learn how to do podcasts while I'm getting the blog up and running and getting it's personality established.

It's a bit unnerving.  It still feels like I may be biting off a bit more than I can chew, in a way.  I'm not techy or computer savvy.  I've never forced myself to be disciplined with blog entries here, as far as posting with any regularity.  I have been building up to this for some time, though, so I'm feeling a bit more able to chew it than I did when I began, or even this time last year.  My husband knows quite a bit about these things.   His time is not his own right now, but if I have trouble I'm sure he can walk me through it.  My dear friend Loretta has the spirit of a true entrepreneur.  When I hit a snag, she'll shove me past it kicking and screaming.  Another dear friend, Sara, will keep me grounded and focused.  She always does, she just doesn't realize it.

I'd say the steps are in order.  By faith, with God and the gifts He's given to me, off I go!  May it be blessed, anointed, increased and a blessing to any and all who come upon it.

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