Friday, March 8, 2013

Beautiful Weather to Be Outside

We took a spontaneous little trip to our local park yesterday.  No real reason... just to blow the cobwebs out of my head, I guess.  It turned out to be such a nice time!

Spring is definitely springing here.  I didn't check the weather,  but I'd guess it was 75-ish and blue skies, light breeze.  Perfect weather!  It looked like the park folk had just recently planted the pansies.  They were pretty, and in boom, but they were still small:  6-pack sized.  :)  The daffodils and whatnot were up all over the place.  
This little marker was at the beginning of a hiking trail. We intended to follow the trail all the way around, but we decided to check out the creek, and that's as far as we made it.

I could go to a place like this and spend all day.  One day I will live in a place like this.  It was so quiet and the trees arched overhead so that we felt like we had gone into our own private little area.  I looked around later and saw that, unfortunately, there was a lot of trash laying around, so I doubt that we had discovered any wonderful place for quiet time, but at least for today it was ours.  :)

I suppose the trash could have washed in from other places.  We had a couple of heavy rains recently, and you could tell by the way things looked that it had washed through the creek bottom in big gushes and then just recently subsided.  I think this creek all but dries up in the heat of the summer, but I'm still too new here to know the habits of things.  Anyway, it was beautiful.  I was so excited to be there I didn't notice the trash, really, until we were getting ready to leave.  I  swear, I'd have cleaned some of it up if it hadn't gotten so late already.  My husband always cleans up his camp spot better than when he got to it.  I guess it's rubbed off on me so much I can't even visit a park without trying to straighten things up.  (If he were here he wouldn't let me get away with saying it's his idea.  I can't leave ANYTHING without  tidying it up.  LONG story, different blog.)

 My buddy.  He like places like this as much as I do.

Yeah, that would be me, goofing off.  I almost goofed right off the ledge!

Oop!  I got my finger in the corner of this one.  :p  I just thought it was a beautiful tree.   Things are starting to leaf out on lots of the indigenous trees, but this one was just standing stark, stretching it's old bones before the onset of summer, I guess.

I think next time I get a wild hair to take off on a trip I'll just pack a lunch and make everybody go.  They'd all say they are busy and don't want to, but they would have enjoyed it.

I'm new here, and this is a BIG state.  There are so many places around here to go!  I'm going to start hitting them on weekends, I think.

One final picture:  We went to the shooting range in Weatherford Monday.  My youngest LOVES shooting, so I am throwing in a picture of his target.  He's a good shot!

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