Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November - 30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 12 - In-Laws

Thank God for good in-laws, on both ends: parents and children.

I think after we are parents we are promoted to the next class: in laws.  It isn't something you just know how to do, and you can't master it over night.  I'm thankful that I had wonderful teachers.

My mother and father in-law have been stellar examples of what an in-law should be like.  I hate to call them in-laws, but I dislike all the cutesy replacement words people use for things like that even worse, so I just call them mom and pop.  Through all the ups and downs we have grown to care for each other as much as any "real" parent/kids do.  I love them and they love me.  I can only hope I learned something about how to be an in-law, and that my children-in-law will develop a relationships with me like the one I have with mine.

They taught me to keep my opinions to myself unless asked, and then when asked, stick to the Word of God with the answer.  They never butted in, never manipulated us, never pressured us, ever.  They called us but didn't ring our phone off the hook, invited us to visit, popped in some, (all those things are a tricky balance!) and always seemed to be happy with it.  I regret that we didn't spend more time with them now that I can relate to missing the grown kids.  It made them so very happy to see us when we visited.  There's never enough visit time with the kids.  I guess the trick is appearing happy with that.

Now we can't visit them as much and I miss them.  Now that Pop is with the Lord I can't be there with mom. I'm sorry, mom, I wish I could.  I love you.

My beautiful daughter-in-law: she is blessing to my son.  What more could we possible ask?  I see them, happy and doing all the in love things and it blesses my heart.  Their life is in full swing!  If I don't call enough it's because I'm trying to strike that tricky balance between so much that it's annoying and not enough to seem interested. If I don't ask about your life it's because I don't want to seem intrusive.  If I don't say I love you enough it's because I'm a jerk; I should.  I do love you, it's just still an awkward dance sometimes, getting all the steps right without stepping on any toes.  A few more years in the in-law class and I'll have 'er down pat!  ;-)

I love you all and I'm very thankful for you.

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