Sunday, November 18, 2012

November - 30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 16 - Signs

I am thankful for signs... and decent roads with a lot of signs... and I think maybe the guy who made the iPhone maps app, too.  My family jokes that I can get lost in my own bathroom.  Well, I don't think it's that funny....

To me, maps look like a maze.  You know, the kind a kid has where you have to draw a line from "start" to "finish".  If someplace in the middle of the maze they hit a wall, they have erasers and they get restarts.  If I get too far in and realize I went the wrong way I just need to somehow magically get back to where I started and try again.  Don't even expect me to figure out how to get anywhere from where I wound up!  It's a whole 'nuther trip now!  I have a lot of trouble getting up the nerve to break into another town and tackle all it's tangle of freeways and access roads and bypasses anyway, so please don't add a road map to it!  Road maps simply mock me when I'm in the middle of one of my moments.

Nothing beats a good, clear, road sign when I am on my expedition.  If I'm not already lost it can be as reassuring as wink and a nod and a pat on the back.  If I  am lost ONE STINKING SIGN could lead me back into the real world.  

I remember going to the airport in Las Vegas.  Never mind that I had gone there quite a few times before, I ALWAYS had trouble finding it. They had, like, one sign to get you there.  It was a tiny sign on a pole under other, bigger and seemingly more important signs.  It had a picture of a little bitty jet pointing toward the road that I was supposed to take.  I missed the turn almost every time I went there.  I must have stressed Chris horribly when he was leaving for boot camp.  I almost made him late for the Army, for crying out loud!  

Then, getting back out of the airport, the sign says to go such and such direction for the highway I was looking for.  I would, and somehow I'd wind up in the wrong place anyway or going the wrong direction on the right road.  It's a special talent I have, I guess.  

I'm hoping that the iPhone maps app will be my salvation.  Maybe I can be redeemed in the eyes of my family and not be teased mercilessly as the one who can get lost on a straight road. I haven't tried the app out yet. Maybe I should practice, because I get to venture into Dallas this week.  I'm picking my mother in law from the airport.  I'm so happy she's coming!  It looks like my husband will be off work, so maybe he'll be able to get us there and back safely.   I hope so.  I'd hate to kick off the Thanksgiving week by driving her half way to Waco in the middle of the night before I figured out I was headed the wrong way.

I will go.  I will conquer.   I will win.

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