Thursday, November 29, 2012

November - 30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 29 - Friendship

I'm thankful that I am a friend.  Does that sound arrogant?  Well, you can't go around in life always looking at everyone and everything expecting, expecting, expecting without looking within to see what seeds you sow.  Be sure to sow friendship and you will certainly reap friends.  It may take a season before you can enjoy the fruit, but harvest is coming!  Be certain to sow good seeds.

I'm a bit lonely here in my new place.   I usually settle into a church and start making friends there and in the area right away.  It's seems especially hard because my church is fairly far from the house, so most of the people who attend there live on the other side of the lake and are not readily accessible.  I'm not likely to bump into them at the grocery store.  It's a large and busy church, so when I am there it's a bit difficult even for someone with a personality like I have to get my foot in the door with people on a personal level. 

I'm glad to know that it's only a matter of time, because I am a friend.  In fact, I'm a good friend, even a best friend.  Soon, others will know it and I'll be fairly rolling in friends!  I could very possibly be the best friend you have ever had, even if we've never met.  Be a friend.  Be one.  The rest is easy.

"A friend loveth at all times..." Proverbs 17:17

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RL said...

Your post about "friendship" warmed my heart and made me smile. Thanks.

from over at Log Cabin Homestead

Representative said...

Thanks for reading! And thanks for posting your comment. :) I don't get a lot of people through here. It's great to know I said something that was a blessing to you.
PS. I visit your blog, too. :)