Saturday, November 24, 2012

November - 30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 22 - Coffee

I'm thankful for coffee.  Coffee is good with everything.  The smell is the best! Nothing will wake me up faster than the smell of coffee cooking in the morning.  It's good with breakfast, sweets, toast or all by itself.  I like to get a cup and take it outside first thing in the morning while it's still quiet and just sit there, me and my coffee and whoever will join me.

I love a cup after dinner at night.  Coffee tops off dinner better than dessert.  Coffee tops off dessert!

This is Rhenda's coffee rhyme.  I could drink coffee any time.
Not like tea, needing nook and lace, I can drink coffee any place.
Often in my truck I drink.  Actually, always there, I think.
If  I buy a car, I must be sure; Is there a holder there to keep my mug secure?

I could drink it right at dawn. in my chair out on the lawn.
I drink it when supper's through.  If you show up I'll share with you.
I like it warm, but not too hot.  No cream or sugar, just the pot.
Light roast, dark roast, I don't care, As long as there's enough to share.

(Dr. Suess I ain't.   I promise never to do that to you again.)
I could drink tea just about any time, too.  Maybe I should make a tea post.

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