Sunday, November 25, 2012

November - 30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 23 - Ice

If you visit my blog site, you know that I usually try have music to accompany my blog posts.  I couldn't find what I was looking for for this one, so I'll just let the power of suggestion take over.  For your listening pleasure, you will now be hearing in your head, (because you can't help it) at least some portion of:  
"Ice, Ice Baby"

I'm thankful for ice.  Not snowy, weathery ice, but bagged, freezer ice.  I don't mind having a glass of room temperature water, and if a cup of juice or tea sits too long I'll generally finish it up anyway, but after a while I just want something really, really cold: ice cold.

I think of the movie, "Castaway."  Tom Hanks' character is stranded for a period of years on an island.  If something like that were to actually happen to you, you would go through a whole lot out there all alone.  If you saw the movie, it really only hints at some of the awful possibilities.  It would be very, very hard.  Every day would be another day to adjust to not being able to do any of the things you used to do.  The character barely escapes with his sanity.

When he was finally rescued and returned to "civilization", he continued in some of the habits he had fallen into during his time on the island, but, after all that he had gone through the one thing he wanted, the one thing he went back to from his life before the time he spent alone, was ice.

Not necessary, not an item I would put in my bag if I were fleeing for my life and could only grab essentials, ice would be something I'd miss a lot if I couldn't have any.

We have a little building in town that sells nothing but ice, twenty pounds bulk or eighteen pounds bagged, for two dollars.  We hit it a couple of times a week.   That's a lot of ice for a family of four. By the way, they play, "Ice, Ice Baby" after you pay, while you wait for it to drop.  You were hearing it in your head, weren't you?

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