Monday, November 5, 2012

November - 30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 4

Yes, I already messed up.  Four days into my thirty days of thanksgiving and I have already missed a day, so I'm posting Day 4 and Day 5 on the same day this time.  Hopefully I only do this once this month.  I realize it's sort of cheating, but my husband was home and we were very busy goofing off.   Life takes precedence over blogging, especially when I have him around.

Day 4: I'm thankful to God for my husband.  

He's not as grumpy as this makes him look.   :)  He won't hold still for a picture, though. so it's hard to get a good one for posting.  I think this one is kind of cute.  

He's the greatest.  I am blessed!   He's the bestiest and he's my favorite!  I love the goofy little inside jokes and things that go unsaid because we both "already know."  Little gestures, habits we have, traditions we've established between us and the kids are what make life good.  We're awesome!  Sure, we have our moments where we get on each other's nerves, or we disagree or whatever, but those moments are fewer and farther between the longer we're together.

Some days it feels like we have always been together, and all of our shared time makes us comfortable and content.  Other days it seems like we only just met.  We couldn't have been married as long as we have, could we?  It flew by!  Sometimes I still look in his eyes like a teen age girlfriend and wonder how I can still be so silly in love with the big goof.  The length of time doesn't matter at all.  We will always be together.

He's cute, too.  That doesn't hurt.  =]

I don't want to stop soon so that it seems like I'm not giving him enough time or whatever, but there's not enough space on the internet to finish it, so I'll just have to stop.

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